Kelly S. Jones

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What people have said about my design work:

“Upon cursory glance, this is truly excellent work! I pass my compliments to the talented soldier that put the page together.”
MAJ Sullins, Maryland army National Guard

“It's quite obvious that there is a huge talent in the Aviation Brigade for webpage development. I haven't had a chance to fine-tooth each page but my preliminary look and impression is that this is simply awesome. The only problem I see is: How can the other Major Subordinate Commands compete?”
CPT Dashiell, Maryland Army National Guard

“Kelly, Thanks again for all that you accomplished in your brief time with us. I'm indeed very pleased with the results of your efforts with HNRIM, and am finally looking forward to rolling-out a website that I think has a terrific look & feel to it. The logo is a real gem, too, and has been well-received by virtually everyone who's seen it. I again told management both how much I thought of the quality of your work, and how much I enjoyed the ideas and energy you brought to the project. Your clear and frequent communication throughout the process was refreshing and invaluable.”
Jim, National Institutes of Health

“Hey Kelly, once again I want to express my pleasure with your work thus far. The website looks great. You have captured quite nicely my ideas for the Media & Telecommunications Project webpage. I appreciate your hard work.”
Keith, Rainbow Coalition IT Director

WOW! WOW! WOW! Looks super, I love the layout, the links are cool, and the whole thing is coming togeather far better than I ever anticipated. You absolutely have blown me away. The web site looks phenomenal, totally, totally impressed! I don’t know how you do that stuff, keep up the good work.”
Bob, Bransford Motorspotrts Owner

“I saw a copy of the menu card you created, it is GREAT! Once again you have not only met but exceeded expectations! Thank you for all you do!
Cynthia, Perpetual Enterprise Partners VP

"Just wanted to let you know this year since we have refreshed the web site we have gotten not only lots of compliments on it but we have gotten new business contacts! This year since adding out DOT services to the web site, we have gotten accounts that we would not normally have had a chance to bid, why... because it was right on our web site that we could handle both! In fact we are heading to Nashville to meet with a 6 figure national contract on DOT services alone! These are doors that have opened thanks to your keeping the web site evolving. Keep up the good work! Cant wait to see what you do with the new sites and how our site will be evolving in the future!"
Matt Murphy, SEE INC.